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About us

At Evergreen Timbers, we strive for consistent improvement in how we operate, in the products we produce and in the relationships we foster.

Our success comes from a committed team, a spirit of entrepreneurship and experimentation, and a vision of producing the finest quality timber for every application.

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An equitable employer 

Evergreen Timbers believes in fostering a work environment that provides equal opportunity, with training and career pathways to allow personal and professional development. We adhere to strict safety standards and have maintained an excellent record in health and safety.  

Stewardship & sustainability

Evergreen Timbers is committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable operation. We only sourcing logs from FSC-accredited, responsibly managed forests. We aim to minimise waste and our carbon footprint. 

The Evergreen Group uses proprietary technology to track each tree at each stage of the life cycle from sapling to sawn log, ensuring the land is managed in a focused and efficient manner. 

Our Values


The Will to Succeed
We value loyalty & competitiveness


Fail Forward
We value calculated
risk-taking & entrepreneurship


Absolute Professionalism
We act in the interest of our company & partners


Create Wealth
We are builders of IP that delivers an advantage

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Need more information about our timber products? Drop us a message and we’ll get back to you. 

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News from the network

presidents award

Martin Flavell receives the President’s Award

Martin Flavell established Martin Flavell & Associates on a culture of uncompromising commitment to excellence. To work for the company, you had to rise to his exacting standards and deliver exceptionally, no matter what your station in the enterprise. This culture remains in the organisation to this day.

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covid stats

Resilience in the age of COVID-19

Timber’s versatility is unrivalled. In a world of plastics and polymers, wood has proven resilient to the massive transformations that took place last century and continues to serve us as well as it did our ancestors. As a material, its robustness, longevity, beauty, strength, and low environmental impact mean it will be as important tomorrow as it is to people today. 

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Evergreen Forestry

Evergreen Forestry is a vertically integrated, sustainably focused forestry company managing seven plantations across the KZN Midlands. Evergreen Forestry grows its own trees for pulp and sawmilling, with an increasing focus on the sawmilling value chain.

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